Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese with Bacon

Dust off your waffle maker and get ready to make some grilled cheese with bacon. Ya’ll, I can’t tell you enough how amazing this sandwich is. I’ve had plenty of grilled cheeses in my life, but this was one of the best. It is crunchy, cheesy and the bacon really tops it off. Some of the cheese ran out of the bread while toasting, then nestled it’s self underneath and stuck to the bread, which added a wonderful nutty flavor. I did not notice this until I took my first bite. It was then I thought I should have taken a picture of that side, since that was indeed, the most scrumptious side.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop eating one half until I stopped myself to take a picture to show you guys how good it truly is.

Here’s what you need to make your own:

*sliced bread; I used regular sandwich bread because that’s all I had on hand, but you can use any kind you like.

*spreadable butter

*sliced cheese, 2 slices per sandwich; I used Colby Jack

*bacon, 2 slices per sandwich

Heat up the waffle maker. As the waffle maker is heating, spread butter on each slice of bread.

Spray waffle iron with cooking spray.l Place bread onto the the waffle iron, butter side down. Lay one slice of cheese on to the bread.

Add the bacon on top of the cheese.

Cut the bacon in half of it does not fit the size of the bread.

Place another slice of cheese on top of the bacon.

Close the waffle iron and cook about 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and bread is golden brown.

Remove and serve.