Dining After Quarantine

That right there…..that luscious, rich cannoli cake from Carrabba’s Italian Grill is a beautiful thing, in more ways than one. This past weekend my mom and I decided to go for lunch….out…in a restaurant. Her and I set aside a Saturday a few times a month to have a girls day, just her and I, no hubby’s allowed, so we can spend some time together. Before the pandemic, we’d meet for lunch then do our errand runs together. But then, like everyone else, everything came pretty much to a halt. We quarantined like every one else and only went out when necessary. Hubby and I did take out during the close down to help the local restaurants, and well, because we missed going and enjoying all the wonderful paces to eat. I’m a foodie ( hence the name foodie in the South) I love to try new places and different cuisines. So needless to say, it was so nice to sit down in a restaurant once again. It was, in a way, coming full circle because this was the last place we ate at right before Armageddon happened….we ate there on a Saturday then Sunday the news broke that by Monday and Tuesday it was all closing, except for take out and essential businesses. So, a few weeks after the restaurants could begin opening their dining rooms (with certain precautions of course) mom wanted to go back and enjoy once again, that wonderful, sinful cannoli cake. The kicker is, I don’t even like cannolis. But this is pretty much in a class of it’s own. It’s a vanilla cake with cannoli filling, with pistachios and a chocolate sauce with a chocolate chip crust and topped with a mini cannoli, I think I shed a tear or two while eating it. Yes, it was a cheat day, but lets face it, every quarantine day was a cheat day. Right!?

I will say eating out now is a little different experience, which is to be expected. Every one working there took the right precautions, wearing masks…. which were very classy I might add.. Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that we’d ever think a mask looked classy and stylish ( or I’d even squeee a little over a Wonder Woman one that I just recently bought…..I’m just sayin). They made sure tables were sanitized in between customers and of course, there was social distancing. The menus are scaled down, but the quality and the taste was still on the mark.

I have had a few people ask me was I apprehensive on eating out in a restaurant right now when we are still having cases of covid 19. Honestly, maybe a little, but I feel you just have to take the best precautions, don’t go wild and just continue to live and enjoy life. Yes, right now life is still different than it was several months ago, and it may never truly be the same again, but we have to adapt. I have always found that finding joy in the simplest things….in the crazy, messed up times of our lives, can keep us centered. That’s the one thing that I have learned from all of this, is to slow down, appreciate what you have, and enjoy all those little moments in between. I hope all of you are well and are able to find joy during these times. Maybe even put on your stretchy pants and go find that sinful dessert that you’ve been missing. You deserve it!