Midtown Deli

This little building houses one of the best deli places in my city, well, at least in my opinion anyway. I know what you might be thinking….what’s so special about a deli shop? Not only do they have some of the best sandwiches around, but it’s also a place that has fully opened since the pandemic. It’s a place that not only can you go to to get a great bite to eat, but it’s also a feeling that a sense of normalcy is slowly starting to return.

When you step inside you can hear the happy chatter of friends, family and newly acquaintance’s just enjoying a moment of sitting down and sharing simple, yet delightful food together….still respecting social distancing of course.

This place has your typical deli sandwiches, salads, wraps and sides, but some with a southern twist. There’s the homemade jalapeno pimento cheese sandwich. It tastes like your southern grandma used to make for family luncheons, but with a slight kick of jalapenos and dressed with fresh tomatoes on your choice of toasted bread. Then you also have the grilled sliced meatloaf with mayo and ketchup on your favorite bread.

There is also my favorite, the crab cake sandwich.

I mean look at that…. it’s a tender pan fried crab cake packed full of flavor, on a lightly toasted bun with remoulade sauce. Don’t worry, you can add as much or little of that tasty sauce as you want. I must confess, I can’t get enough of that stuff…. as you can see.

A deli spot wouldn’t be complete without a club sandwich.

This beauty is stacked with turkey, ham, bacon and swiss cheese with a basil mayo that makes this one not your ordinary club.

There are burgers, and wraps that you can make your own from the long list of meats and breads to choose from.

To finish things off, there is an amazing pecan caramel chocolate brownie…. just one of their tasty desserts.

I think I know where I’m going for lunch soon.

I hope you have a favorite little deli place that you can visit even during these times. It might seem trivial to some, but I’ve always found that food can be such a powerful thing. It can heal, it can bring bittersweet memories of times gone by and things yet to come. It can bring family and friends together even during the hardest of times. It truly does feed the soul. So yes, a little deli spot might be simple, but it can mean so much more.

I hope you go out and find your favorite food memories or moments. I hope you take a moment to explore and find or create something that feeds your soul as well.