Asian Inspired Country Style Beef Ribs

I love cooking with this cut of meat. They are cheap and really tasty when done right…..and did I mention they are cheap. So when you are craving ribs, but can’t spend the extra money on them, this is the cut for you. Western Style Pork ribs are also great and inexpensive as well….but that’s another future post.

This cut is actually from the shoulder area, so you need to cook them low and slow for tender results. I wanted to make an Asian version instead of my go to BBQ ones (another future post). Feel free to play around with it and add any other Asian ingredients you might have on hand.

Here’s what I used:

*Country Style Boneless Beef Ribs

For the Rub:

*garlic powder

*onion powder

*Chinese 5 spice powder

For the Marinade

*soy sauce


*Worcestershire sauce

*rice wine vinegar

*olive oil

*brown sugar

*ground ginger

*garlic Powder

*onion powder

Mix together all the ingredients for the rub.

Rub ribs on all side with the spice blend.

Mix together all the ingredients for the marinade.

Place the ribs in a zip top bag. It’s easier if you place the zip top bag in a large bowl, this keeps the bag from tipping over. Pour the marinade over the meat.

Seal the bag, making sure you get all of the air out. Marinate in the refrigerator for 6 hour or over night.

Preheat oven to 325°. Take beef out of the marinade and dry with paper towels. Reserve enough of the marinade for basting later.

Spread a little olive oil on the bottom of a baking pan, add the beef in a single layer.

Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes.

While beef is cooking, in a small sauce pan, boil reserved marinade for 5 minutes; set aside.

After 30 minutes of cooking, baste beef ribs with reserved marinade and continue to cook uncovered for 15 more minutes or until the internal temp reaches 145°

Serve with your favorite sides.