Breakfast Chicken Hash Topped with a Fried Egg

I Woke up craving potatoes and eggs for breakfast….. but I do that a lot because, well, I love potatoes and eggs for breakfast. I had some leftover chicken from the Chicken tacos that I made a few nights before, so why not make a chicken hash I said……Dont you talk to yourself too while plundering through the fridge early in the morning?

This was made as a single serving. The amount of ingredients will vary according to how many you are preparing this for.

Here’s what you’ll need:

*1/4 or more small onion, chopped

*chopped chicken or any other protein you prefer… but then this would not be called chicken hash, but hey, we aren’t that picky and call it what you like.

* 3/4 C. frozen diced potatoes (you can use fresh, I had these in the freezer because it was faster to cook)


*salt and pepper to tast

In a medium skillet heat 2Tbs of oil over medium high heat. Add onions and sauté until tender.

Add potatoes and continue to cook until potatoes are crisp, stirring frequently.

While potatoes are cooking, in a separate skillet add a small amount of oil and heat on medium high heat. Add egg and fry until whites are done but the yolk is still runny.

Add the chicken in the skillet with the potatoes, stir and cook until heated thru, add salt and pepper to taste.

Place potato mixture on to a plate and top with fried egg.

Then proceed to cut open egg and savor all the yolky goodness with the chicken hash.