Blue Box Mac and Cheese

One of my weaknesses is mac and cheese. I adore homemade, especially the kind my grandmother used to make….which will be a new post in the near future I’m thinking….but every now and then I get a craving for the kind that mom made me when I was a kid. You know the one…..the one in the blue box that some will never admit he or she loves, but keeps a box hidden way back in the darkest spot in the cabinet.

Yes, this is the one. There is still something about waiting for those noodles to get just right, then stirring in the milk and butter…and yes, even dumping in that powdery cheese. I know, to some it’s a horrible site. Maybe I like it so well because it reminds me of my childhood. I even love that sound it makes when your spoon sinks through all that cheesy goodness and scoops out a heap. *sigh* It’s almost like a warm hug. Too far? Ok, but you know what I mean, right? I think during these times we all need a little comfort.

Is there something that you find comforting and like to eat that not many find it as appealing as you?

So as you ponder that question, I’ll be here sitting with my spoon and enjoying every bite of my blue box mac and cheese.


2 thoughts on “Blue Box Mac and Cheese

    • Christy May 27, 2020 / 5:15 am

      It’s like a guilty pleasure isn’t it lol.


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