Beef and Refried Bean Tacos

It’s taco night once again! This taco was inspired by Sam the Cooking Guy’s Tiny Tacos from Jack In The Box recipe. No, these are not tiny tacos, but for taco filling he mixed together ground beef and refried beans. I’ve had refried beans in my taco, but never mixed and mingled together. Even my hubby, who loves tacos, was very intrigued. My version has refried black beans instead of regular refried beans, among a few other tasty spices. Here’s what I used:

*hard taco shells ( you can used soft as well)

*ground beef

*diced onion

*garlic powder ( I did not have any fresh garlic because as a surprise to me, my garlic I bought at the store had gone bad)




*dried Chipotle powder

*dried onion powder

*hot sauce

*can of black refried beans

*lime juice

*chopped cilantro

**guacamole if desired

Heat a medium to large skillet to medium high heat. Place ground beef in the skillet and break apart while browning; add onions.

Continue cooking until beef is cooked and onions start to turn tender. Drain off fat if needed.

Add garlic powder cumin, coriander, salt, chipotle powder and onion powder. I started with 2 tsp each and added more to taste.

Mix into the beef. Add refried beans to the skillet.

Mix well with the beef. It will seem a little hard to mix at first, but as the beans heat up, it will get easier. If the mixture is too thick, pour in a small amount of water.

I added the water in the refried bean can do it gave it a little flavor to it.

Add a few drops of hot sauce. I like Frank’s Red Hot sauce, but you use what ever brand you prefer.

Next add some lime juice and chopped cilantro to taste.

Mix well and taste to see if any more spices should be added. Turn heat down to medium low and simmer for 10 minutes or until beef mixture is heated thru. While beef is simmer, heat tacos according to package directions.

Place beef and refried bean mixture into shells. Top with guacamole and any other toppings you desire and serve.


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