Cheese Toast with Bacon

I grew up eating cheese toast. It was something simple, but something I looked forward to when I was a little girl. To this day I still make it for myself from time to time. I say for myself, because hubby doesn’t quiet get cheese on toast. How can you not love cheesy, crunchy toast?

This time I thought why not add some bacon to it…every thing is better with bacon am I right? I also had some semolina sesame bread that I had found in the bakery in my grocery store.

Here’s what I used:

*semolina sesame bread ( or any other kind you have or prefer) cut to desired tho thickness.

* spreadable butter

* bacon

* grated or sliced cheese. I used grated a cheddar Colby Jack blend because that is what I had on hand.

*dried cilantro; you do not have to add cilantro, but I thought this gave the cheese a nice extra taste.

Cook bacon and set aside. I used 2 pieces of bacon per pieces of bread.

Spread butter onto the bread.

Place bread onto a baking sheet.

Place bacon onto the buttered bread.

And lastly, layer on the cheese.

Pre heat oven or toaster oven broiler. Broil for about 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and bread is toasted. Just stay close by to watch that the bread does not burn.

Sprinkle on a little of the cilantro and serve.


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